Kalpana Jain is a senior journalist and a former Nieman Fellow, whose reporting at The Times of India played a significant role in elevating public health as an important topic of news coverage. She is currently based at Harvard University, where she has been working with the faculty in identifying and writing case-based teaching material, writing policy papers and assisting with teaching.

She was a Mason Fellow  at Harvard Kennedy School where she completed a mid career Masters in Public Administration. In 2010, she was awarded William A. Starr fellowship for innovative thinking in journalism and John Kenneth Galbraith Fellowship for outstanding academic and professional achievements at Harvard.

Jain’s  stories in The Times of India led to several policy changes in public health and to the resignation of the minister for health.  She was the first journalist in India to give a face to the epidemic of HIV/AIDS in her book “Positive Lives,” published by Penguin in 2002; chapters from her book are now included in course work at an Indian university.

At Harvard University, Jain has been interested in exploring issues of corruption and how citizens can take initiative. She moderated a panel on Political Accountability at the Harvard India Conference. A case study researched and written by her, on a woman’s courageous leadership in ending decades’ old practice of debt-bondage in a rural area of India, was featured on Harvard Kennedy School’s webpage as an example of exemplary work.

She currently lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts



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